Please pick 1 post size.

eh okay im done 

i’m pretty sure antlers don’t work like that but i’m also pretty sure i don’t care

i tried

the only thing i like about this picture is the dialog and it’s not even that funny

one of the few female characters i have designed 

i can’t draw anything past the torso right now :(

firealpaca is perfect for me and my lineart problems 

most creative hat ever

stupid art of what i want my firechief character to look like

hopefully this will be approved by the council(my bff and i)

i follow 905 blogs and i have 177 steam friends

please no more i am full

i want to remove people but i don’t know which ones D:

My friend really wants me to draw Ellis, so I made myself some references.

Horse monkey enjoys sunlight

I’m glad i’m at my friends house right now. It’ll keep me away from posting the smutty pic I made in gmod.

Snipers hand textures are going to drive me crazy omg.